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Closing time.

Banzai Sushi on North Lamar is closing January 3rd. I think maybe I ate there once: I really can’t remember. What I find more notable is that they’re apparently closing so that the new Rudy’s location can go in (replacing … Continue reading

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Our long national nightmare is over.

Pao’s Mandarin House in Lakeway reopened yesterday. At least, that’s the word on the street. I’ve been a little busy and didn’t get a chance to make it over there last night. Plus, judging from the reaction on NextDoor, I … Continue reading

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Random observation.

When we first started doing the SDC (and when we first started doing the logs), there was no such thing as an automatic paper towel dispenser. When we first started seeing them around town, it was worthy of note, though … Continue reading

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Pao’s Mandarin House in Lakeway (temporarily?) closed.

You now know exactly as much as I do. I’m sure everyone knows that Pao’s (first in the old downtown location, and then out in Lakeway) was a Saturday Dining Conspiracy favorite. I’m hoping the renodeling is brief and that … Continue reading

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Hudson’s on the Bend closed.

Hudson’s on the Bend, one of Austin’s higher-end restaurants, shut down abruptly yesterday afternoon, according to a report in the Statesman. This is kind of a shame. We had several excellent and memorable meals at the old Hudson’s. But last … Continue reading

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A double handful of food related randomness.

During one of my dinner conversations over the weekend, the subject of “Family Affair” came up for reasons I have forgotten. (I don’t think the initial discussion started out with Anissa Jones, but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, what a sad … Continue reading

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Dojo NoGo.

Two closings discovered by way of Austin Eater, and noted because we’ve had SDCs at both: The Dojo. We went there because I had one of those coupons. Perhaps I didn’t understand the concept, but I thought it was…okay. … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude watch.

I want to make note of this story, even though it has been covered elsewhere, for reasons I will get to in a moment: Three Austin restaurants are allegedly thousands of dollars behind on their taxes, according to lawsuits filed … Continue reading

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WTF, Austin Eater?

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight stories about Obama visiting Franklin Barbecue. Really. Couldn’t this have been covered in one, possibly two, entries? Edited to add: Nine! Edited to add 7/14: I’m going to call this one nine … Continue reading

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Something to talk about, part 2: what do you miss?

Question number two from dinner last night: what Austin restaurants do you miss? I’ll start: This isn’t really fair, as the restaurant still exists and there’s continuity. But I miss the original Gumbo’s/Yoli’s Jambalaya/Mama Roux. It may be more fair … Continue reading

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