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Closing time.

Banzai Sushi on North Lamar is closing January 3rd. I think maybe I ate there once: I really can’t remember. What I find more notable is that they’re apparently closing so that the new Rudy’s location can go in (replacing … Continue reading

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Other Austin Restaurant Openings and Closings

Dwight’s coverage of Hudson on the Bend’s closing reminded me that I wanted to put up a list of restaurant openings and closings of note. These are places we’ve either eaten at, thought about eating at, or plan on eating … Continue reading

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June 24, 2006: Mesa Ranch.

8108 Mesa Drive 853-9480 30.37333° N, 97.75672° W Pepper grinder rating: 3. Men’s room rating: 2. WiFi: No. Dwight’s comments: Things I liked: the grilled quail I ordered on the side, which was the best quail I’ve had in town. … Continue reading

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April 12, 2003: Sullivan’s.

300 Colorado 495-6504 30.26604° N, 97.74509° W Pepper grinder rating: 4. Men’s room rating: 3. Dwight’s comments: Disappointing. Aesthetically, there’s nothing wrong with Sullivan’s, except that the wood wood wood steakhouse look is starting to get tired. They have a … Continue reading

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February 10, 1996: Alpenhof Steak Haus (Closed)

16018 Hamilton Pool Rd. 263-9875 Pepper grinder rating: 0. Dwight’s comments: This isn’t a bad steak place, and the prices are reasonable. I like the atmosphere much better than the Outback’s: it feels very…European hunting lodge. (Whatever you do, don’t … Continue reading

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