Bylaws of the Saturday Dining Conspiracy.

(Thanks to Carol T. for inspiring this.)

  1. A Saturday Dining Conspiracy is not an official Saturday Dining Conspiracy unless Lawrence and Dwight areĀ both present. Other events may be organized on Saturday nights when one or both is busy, but an official conspiracy requires the presence of both of us.
  2. If this is your first Saturday Dining Conspiracy, you must eat.
  3. The Saturday Dining Conspiracy generally will not formally review a restaurant until three months after opening, or three months after a major change (such as a fire, move, or change of ownership). This is not a firm rule, more of a guideline, and may be bent in some cases.
  4. The Saturday Dining Conspiracy tries very hard not to revisit any restaurant (for the purpose of reviews) more than once a year. We may go someplace more often, outside of the normal SDC, but we won’t review it for the SDC.
  5. We do not accept free meals or payment for reviews. We may accept complimentary appetizers or meals if offered by the waitstaff or the kitchen (for example, if the kitchen screws up an order and offers to comp the meal), but we will not accept any benefits not offered to the general public in similar situations.
  6. There is no bylaw number six.
  7. We try to maintain anonymity while dining, but aren’t obsessive about it.

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